Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baryonyx Plans Big Wind Project

There may be a new Texas superpower in the world of wind energy. Since T. Boone Pickens gave up on building enormous wind farms, there hasn't been so much highly visible talk about large projects. However, recently Baryonyx Corporation won the bid for thousands of acres of off-shore wind space. earth2tech asked the fledgling company how they intend to operate in this industry of notoriously high capital expenses, and
While the answers don’t necessarily paint a picture of a company with a strong action plan, or enough money in the bank to finance such a project, the company does provide some more insight into their intentions.
My first thought on hearing about this off-shore wind company was not how they're going to manage costs and engineering. What I immediately noticed instead, being once an elementary school dinosaur expert, was that the company is named for a strange, possibly semi-aquatic relative of the Tyrannosaurus, known for its single huge claw on its hand. (I didn't find note on their website saying "We are named for a dinosaur because blah blah blah" either.) A little odd for a wind power company moniker, no?


  1. Thank you for letting the fat legacy live on!

  2. My pleasure. Feel free to send any interesting articles my way.